Monday, November 8, 2010

the way I live


This is my old home.
My life was simple and happy!
I awake to feed the cows and chickens
with my dad, then we would go inside to enjoy
a breakfast made by my mom! I hade no
troubles until I got on the bus......
This is my new home!
Now I have all the troubles you can have.
I got dumped in this jail because when we left the bus, there was coca paste on our seat, so we got franed.
I live with my mom and braty sister who was born in the jail. My dad lives across the road. At first when I was sent to the jail, my mom, sister and I had to sleep on a mat in the front entrance. We had no money to pay for a cell. That's when I became a taxi. I deliver and bring objects to people and do homework for rich kids all for money. My life is tough. I just spilt soop that I now have to pay for, also I am leaving my family for 2 weeks and going with my friend Manu to earn money for my family. Hopfully, it is nothing illegal but it probably will be! I hate this jail!

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