Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome F7I

Welcome F7I !

This is the Reading Response BLOG for the novel "I am a Taxi" by Deborah Ellis.  Response questions will be posted to the blog weekly.  You need to post your response to the comment by the end of each week.  Level 4 activity on the blog will require you to comment on other students' blog posts and begin engaging online conversations about the novel.  Your responses should be thoughtful and include a variety of appropriate connections (text: text, text: self, text: world) and inferences.     

IMPORTANT: When commenting on a post you must comment as an "anonymous" user, BUT don't forget to put your first name at the end of your comment (no last names!!!).  If you forget to put your name in your comment you cannot get credit for the comment (that would be bad).

If you have any questions about the blog feel free to leave me a comment on this post. 

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Ms. McEwen


  1. My life is different than Diego's in several ways. First of all, Diego's family is poor while my family is fairly rich. Secondly, Diego has to do hard labor. Finally, he lives in jail so he cannot have many of the pleasures that I enjoy.

    Those are the differences, but why? Firstly he lives in a poor country which makes it hard to get a good paying job. Secondly, he lives in a jail so it makes it even harder to get a good job and even if he does most of the money will go to rent costs.

    All in all, Diego's life is very different than mine.


  2. My life is very different than Diego’s life in many ways; for instance I have much more money than Diego for a kid my age. I also don’t live in, or rent, a jail cell. But if I did, I would not have to rent one because I live in Canada! ( and, we all know the Canadian government is much better than Diego's.) Another example of our differences is when I go to the park I don’t see a bunch of glue sniffers. The final most significant reason Diego’s life is different is because at the park there are no street gangs just hanging around. These are just some the reasons Diego’s life is different than mine. - Nigel Kerr

  3. My life is very different Diego's life in many ways;for example our country,Canada, is a very rich country while Diego's is very pour.Also in Bolivia most of the people there speak Spanish,here in Canada the two main languages are English and French.Another difference between Diego and I is that since he is stuck in jail for a crime his family did not commit. He has to work hard as a taxi just to earn some money.They must pay rent for their cell's but in Canada they are free.I think I would like to stick with my life instead of trading it with Diego any day.
    -Kristen :)