Monday, September 27, 2010

Reading Response Question 1

Reading Response Question #1:

Chapters 1- 3

In what ways is Diego's life as a teenager different from your life as a teenager? What factors do you think are responsible for causing these drastic differences? 


  1. My life and diego's are different in several ways. Firsly,Diego lives in jail because his family got caught by smuggling cocaine. Secondly prison's are more sanitary and we don't have to work to live in a jail the government in Bolivia can't afford to clean and have people working at jails. Thirdly we dont have to work and sell goods for money as a kid because in Bolivia 60% is below the line of poverty so kids have to work to live[eat] and to support your familly.

    by: Nathan F7I

  2. Diego has many differences between his and my life such as:
    -he lives in jail
    -he lives in Bolivia
    -he is a taxi
    -he is poor
    -he sells things for a living
    The things that are causing these differences are:
    -he lives in Bolivia, we live in Canada
    -he lives in jail, we live in houses or apartments
    -we live in a developed country, his is a developing country

    David :)

  3. My life is very diffrent from Diego in several different ways.
    Firstly, Diego lives in the very poor country of Bolivia, and he lives in a jail. The jails in Bolivia are un-sanitary, and have no support from the government, so therefore the walls are made of cardboard, and people are often stabbed and murdered. Secondly, Diego's family is very poor, and for them to be able to buy food, Diego has to make money on his own, which includes selling items illegally on the streets. Thirdly, when Diego is running his errands for other people(often people from the jail), he always is looking out for gangs and othyer people who might hurt him. Finally, here in Canada i'm sure that if anyone dropped their food on a dirty floor or the ground, that they wouldn't pick it back up and eat it again. Well for Diego that would be a big waste of food, being as poor as he is.


  4. My life is different from Diago's in several ways. First he lives in a prison in Bolivia because his parents got framed for selling cocaine. Secondly, Diago lives in poverty because in Bolivia the percentage of people that are below the line of poverty is 60%, in Canada the percentage is 10%. Lastly, Diago is not wastful because he can not afford to throw anything out. For example, Diago accedentilly dropped all his diner on the ground and he still ate it.
    By: Katrina R.

  5. Diegos Life is much different then mine for several reasons. Some are.....
    -First, Diego lives in a prison with his mother, sister and sevral other anonymous women and I live in a regular house in the city with my own family.
    -Diego also works as a taxi to earn money for his family because his mother and father cant come out of their cell to work. My mother and Father both go to work during the day to support our family while I go to school.
    -Diego does go to schol but instead of doing just his own work like he is suposed to, He does the work for some of the other richer kids who go to his school to earn extra money. I on the other hand don't do homework for anyone but myself.
    -Diego also lives in a city with high poverty rates. (60%) But I live in a much nicer town with low poverty ratings. (10-20%)
    -Diego also doesn't wear clothes like mine. He wears the same outfit everyday that his mother had made for him. He doesn't have the money to buy all the name brand clothes like i wear.

    -Ninaa ;)<3

  6. Diego's life is very different from my life as a teenager, for numerus reasons. First of all, Diego lives in poverty, beacause Boliviais a third wold country. Bolivia is a third world country becuase 60% of Bolivia lives in poverty. Also Diego has to earn his bolivianos by running errands, for ex. Diego sells his mother's homemade baby clothing, Diego does homework for other kids, and Diego is a taxi in and out of the prison etc. As well, Diego has bab quality clothing. Diego wear's ripped up clothing filled with dust, as of I, I wear brand named clothing(most of the time):P. Lastly, Diego has to share a bed with his sister and mother, in tiny sell in the womans prison in Cochabomba, and I have my own bed and my own room. Theese are just some reasons why Diego's life is different from mine.
    Tracy P.S;)

  7. Every Canadien friend that I have are definitly more fortunate than Diego and his family, these are the 5 major differences that our lives and Diego's share. First, of all Diego lives a life of poverty, that is because he lives in a 3rd world country and the government does not respect every body properly. Also Diego pays for stuff like school and prison, things that we get free and the fact that their a 3rd world does not help at all. Also Diego is a very, very hard working boy, and the reason why, is that he needs money with out money you die. over here we have better health care, there for our life expectancy is 14 years more than balivia. Finally our literacy rate is larger by about 13% that's because we have a better educational system. These are 5 major differences that our lives share (I love my life).

    From your favourite class mate

  8. Every teenager i know is definetly a lot more fortunate than Diego. He does not have a computer because his parents don't have enough money or a place to use it. He is always doing little taxi jobs for money to be able to buy food and other things of his choice. He lives in a prison with his mom and sister. They were put there when they were wrongly convicted of traficking cocaine and thats why they are in prison. Since he lives in a prison he has to sleep on a concrete bed. Lastly the worst thing of all his parents don't even live in a different prison because there is a women's and men's prison. I think that any teenage kid in Canada should be thankful.


  9. My life is very different from Diego's in many ways!
    First of all, Diego lives in a poor country called Bolivia,in a women's prison with his mom and little sister. Because Bolivia is such a poor country (60% of the population is below the poverty line)so Diego works as a "taxi" running errands for the women in the prison and earns money to pay the rent (for the jail cell) and to feed himself.Secondly, Diego and his little sister are only aloud to stay in the jail with their mother (their father is in prison too)because there is no other place they can go.Unlike in Canada we have orphanages and foster care too so if anything happens to your parents or parent and you don’t have any relatives close by it’s nice to know you have somewhere to go that you'll be cared for. Thirdly, in Canada the government is caring and cares about their peoples i think more than Bolivia because the women in the prison have to do everything.They are provided with very little and have to clean,do laundry, and much more. And lastly Diego has it hard compared to us in Canada, when he walks out of the prison he has to look out for teen gangs and glue sniffers. That’s how much my life is different from Diego’s!

    by: Anna:)

  10. There are many differences between Diego's life and mine first of all in Bolivia they have to pay for health care where as in Canada health care is free, secondly Diego has to pay to live in jail and the jails are unsanitary where as in Canada you don't have to pay to live in jail and they make sure the jails are sanitary, thirdly Diego has to sell things on the streets, do other kids homework and work as a taxi a lot of the time where as we may have one job or something but the rest of the time we just sit around and watch television, play video games or play sports which Diego does not have have the privilege to do, and fourthly Diego has to watch for gangs and that kind of stuff just leaving the prison where as we don't have to look for people who might mug us when ever we leave our house and last of all say you dropped some food on the ground would you eat it I doubt it where as Diego would because money is worth so much more to them so he would still eat it.What might cause these differences Canada is a developed country and Bolivia is developing. We pay for health care through taxes. Canada's government has more money so they do more to help.We don't have many gangs in Canada. A lot more of Canada has the privileges to do that stuff than in Bolivia. And because a lot of Bolivia is poor they don't go around wasting things. And those are some differences between my life and Diego's life.

  11. Diego's life is very different from mine. First, he has to work as a taxi. His family has to pay to rent a cell in the prison, so he can help make money for them. In prisons in Canada, you wouldn't have to pay to rent a cell, so you wouldn't need to make money. Secondly, he is poor. He could only bring a few things to jail with him, so he didn't have a lot, as well as the fact that he lives in a third world country. Thirdly, he has to live in prison. His parents had to serve time in prison even for being wrongly accused, which would be less likely in Canada. This is why my life is so different from Diego's.


  12. Diego’s life is different from mine in many ways. First, Diego lives in a prison in Bolivia whereas I live in a house in Guelph, Canada. He lives in Bolivia because that I where he was born, for the same reason I live in Canada. He lives in a prison because him and his parents were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They were accused of having coca paste, an illegal drug. He does not have a very big living space or many possesions. That is because him and his mother do not have very well paying jobs, they have to pay rent on their jail cell, they have a family of three to support without a father, and they live in a third world country. None of this is true for me. My father and mother both have good jobs, we don’t pay too much for our house, and we live in a fully developed country.


  13. Diego’s life is different from my in several ways.Diego lives in poverty.Second we don’t live in a jail cell.Third Diego works as a taxi.Fourth are perents get to pick a job.Fifth welive in a first world country.Some factor that cause this are, first because he lives in Bolivia a third world country.Second Diego lives in a cell with his mom and sister.Third he works as a taxi to make money.Fourth they get to take courses to get a good job.Fifth because the goverenment pays a lot of money.


  14. Diego’s life is different from mine in several ways. First off, Diego lives in a third world country and I live in a first world country. Our government is rich and uses their power wisely. Diego’s government is poor and cant spread their money around to everywhere in Bolivia. Secondly, Diego lives with his mom in jail and I live with my mom in a normal house. I think that Diego lives with his mom in jail because him and his family were framed for illegal use of cocaine. I haven’t ever sold drugs or even been framed. Thirdly, in jails in bolivia they only supply bread and water for children in the morning and at jails in north America every prisoner gets three meals and snacks and proper cells. Fourthly, in bolivia you have to rent your cells and that mean you can work in jail. In north American jail you can’t work and don’t have to rent your cell. I think the factors of that is that our government has money to care well for the prisoners and they don’t need to work. So obliviously you cant rent your cell if you don’t have any money you cant give away money. Lastly, Diego is an age of 12 and he HAS to work and we can if we want. I think this because Diego’s mom cant afford to rent the cell all by her self and my mom and I don’t have to rent our house. Diego’s life is very much different from mine because he lives in a third world country, he lives in jail with his mom, their government is cruel to their prisoners, you have to rent a cell in jail, and Diego has to work and we don’t.
    Katrina <3 hart :)

  15. Diego’s life is different from my life in several ways. First of all he lives in prison with his parents. If he lived in Canada, like I do, his parents wouldn’t even be in jail! The justice system in Bolivia is very bad and people can be put in jail with little or no proof. In Canada, you are innocent until proven guilty.
    Secondly, the prison condition is very bad (some cells have cardboard walls) and the people have to pay for their food, cells (even the cardboard ones!) and many other necessities. The reason the prison condition is so terrible is because the people’s wages are so small, so as a result the GDP is very small. The government has to use the tiny GDP for other things and they don’t have any money left over for prisons.
    Finally, Diego has to work and go to school to earn more money for his family. The reason he has to is because his family needs to pay for their cell and food etc. The wages they do get are very small so they need a lot of people working.
    Diego’s life is very different from mine for pretty much one main reason, Canada, where I live, is a 1rst world country and Bolivia, where Diego lives, is a 3rd world country and so much poorer.


  16. Diego life is different from my life in
    several ways Diego lives' in a prison because his family was riding a bus and there was coca paste on the site and they got blamed for it and they did not have a chance to say it was not them.Diego works like a taxi he delivers or takes different things to people, not like me.He also lives in a poor contry he has to pay for his school and heath Diego's life is different from my life in
    several ways. Diego lives in a prison because his family was riding a bus and there was coca paste on the seat. They got blamed for it and they did not have a chance to say it was not them.Diego works like a taxi, he delivers or takes different things to people, not like me.He also lives in a poor country. He has to pay for his school and health, in Canada we get them for free.Diego life is very different from mine.
    I think the factors responsible for these differences are, first, the goverment and the country is not as rich as Canada so they can't provide free health care and school. Second, the people of Bolivia don't have as many rights as us. We are given the opportunity to tell our side of the story before going to jail.

  17. Diego’s life is different from my life in several ways . The factors which cause these dramatic differences include he lives in jail , he lives in poverty , he must work as a taxi , he rents a small cell and he has few electronics/toys . There are many reasons behind this here are a few . The reason why Diego lives in jail is that the police found coca paste taped under the bench they were siting in this sent the family to jail . Diego also lives in a third world country he lives here because his family lives there , this effects Diego since his family is poor and this common in a third world country . Another trait of Diego’s life that is different from my life is that Diego must work as a taxi to help pay bills since his mother cannot afford to do so by herself . Fourthly Diego’s family needs to rent a sell because they live in jail the must do so because they have to live in jail , the could sleep on the floor in a game room or another empty room but they choose not to as this isn’t safe for there family . Finally Diego does not have toys or electronics because his family cannot afford to purchase these items .These are the factors and reasons that change Diego’s lifestyle from mine .


  18. My life is different than Diego's in several ways. First of all, Diego's family is poor while my family is fairly rich. Secondly, Diego has to do hard labor. Finally, he lives in jail so he cannot have many of the pleasures that I enjoy.

    Those are the differences, but why? Firstly he lives in a poor country which makes it hard to get a good paying job. Secondly, he lives in a jail so it makes it even harder to get a good job and even if he does most of the money will go to rent costs.

    All in all, Diego's life is very different than mine.


  19. Diego’s life is so different from mine that I can barely start to describe all the differences. Firstly, Diego lives in a prison. I,on the other hand,live in a nice clean house. Diego lives in poverty , while I live a happy life. In Bolivia, where Diego lives, there are almost no laws. In Canada, we have lots of laws to protect us and give us a good education. Poor Diego has to earn all his money to feed himself and support his family. All I have to do to earn money is take out the garbage on Monday nights, and I can spend my money on whatever I want. Diego lives in a third world country and life is hard. I life in a first world country with fancy technology and I live an easy life. These are just some of the ways our lives are different.

  20. Diegos life and mine are different in several ways. Firstly, I do not live in a jail, I live in a nice home. Second of all, I live with my entire family, while Diego only lives with his mum and sister. Finaly, when I drop mt food on the ground, I do not pick it up and eat it again, like Diego and other peoplr in Bolivia do.

    Jack bone

  21. Diego's life is different in many ways. Let me name some. First of all, Diego is poor and I am richer. This is because Diego lives in a third world country. Since Bolivia (the country in which Diego lives)is still undeveloped, it tends to have less supplies and worst conditions for people living in it, like Diego. Also, we have better prisons. It's because we have a better and more generous government. For example, our government does not make prisoners pay for cells and gives them food and stuff. Another reason why Diego's life is different from mine is because Diego works as hard as an average Canadian adult, and I don't, aka he is child labour. The reason that is, is because there is a 45.7% child labour rate, so about half the children are child labourers. Here, there is almost no child labour rate, so there's a much more likely chance that children in Bolivia are child labourers than here in Canada. Another important difference is that Diego lives in a prison. That's because his Mom and Dad got framed for smuggling coco paste, when they didn't. One final and maybe the most important difference is that Bolivia does not have as many or as strict rules as in Canada. It's because they don't have a very sturdy government or very many natural resources. The outcome of all that is that their biggest income is cocoa paste, even though it is illegal. Though that might only be five difference, there are many more.

    Esme 7I

  22. Diego's life is different from mine in several ways. To start, he lives in a women's prison with his sister and his mom, meanwhile we live in our houses with both our parents(unless they are divorced)and our siblings. Another difference is that Diego has to work to earn money, and his mother doesn't have enough money herself to support the entire family. Also, Diego lives in Bolivia, a very poor country and we live Canada, a quite wealthy country. Some more reasons Diego's life is different is because Diego isn't allowed to leave the country legally because he lives in prison. Finally, Diego lives in a country where the laws aren't enforced enough and there aren't enough in general. Some contributing factors to these differences is that Diego's parent got framed for hording coca paste, and that's why he cannot leave Bolivia. His parents were put in seperate jails. For this reason, he does not live with both of his parents. The reason his family does not have very much money is that he lives in a third world country(undeveloped, very poor). Because of this, Diego must work to earn money. As I stated above, he lives in a very poor country, in which the government doesn't have enough power to create and/or enforce more laws. Diego's life is so different from that I feel bad for him, but that's just me