Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Prison

This is an image of the San Sebastian Womans prison where I lived until I left with the "Narcos" and Mando to make some money after my "incedent" with Korrina. On the bottom floor, you can see little stalls , likely to be woman selling chupe or clothing. Although it's sunny, the prison is a very dreary place; the women are always either crying, grumpy, or crazy like the woman who always tries to grab Korrina. I thought I would be better off anywhere than the prison, and it wasn't until I left the prison that I realised I should have stayed. The reason I'm here though, is unfair, someone actually sumuggling drugs forgot their cocaine under our seat on the bus, and we got framed. Then again, not much about a third world country is fair. So, there you have it; my home.

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